Monday, April 8, 2013

Permit Approved

Finally our permit for the shed is not only approved, but the paperwork has been completed and we were able to pick it up today.  So happy as this has taken way more than the original time frame of 5 to 7 days that was given.  It's been a month!!  When the woman from the county office let us know it was ready today we headed over to pick it up and then went straight to the shed place to finalize our order.  Cameron was particularly happy as his personal living space is now a step closer to becoming a reality. 
He's a happy camper as we head into the shed place.

Once the order was complete we took a look at the factory that they manufacture them in.  Their number of orders are higher than they were when we first looked into this, so rather than the week originally quoted to produce ours, it will now take 2.  Sorry Cam a bit more of a delay.

In the meantime we have continued to really make progress in settling in.  Yesterday we went to try a new church.  Enjoyed our experience as the people were very friendly.  The girls were especially excited and we're looking forward to going back to see if this is the right fit for our family.

Girls waiting to get in the truck and head to church

Today Hannah and Lauren had a day out with Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Patrick.  They all headed to the local Library where the girls checked out several books and signed onto a reading program that rewards their progress.  This Library has an interactive learning center that they really enjoyed.  We heard all about their activities at the dinner table.  
Pat and Jen then took them to lunch at a "fancy pizza place" as Hannah described it because she got to choose her toppings for her personal pizza.  Both really loved their time out with their Aunt and Uncle, especially when it was followed by swimming in the "little pool" otherwise known as the jacuzzi.

Lauren looking for books she likes

Ah she's spotted something more interesting : )   Patrick emailed photos from his phone.

Hannah's in her glory with all these books to choose from.  She is definitely a bookworm!

It allowed Kevin, Cameron and I time to clean, get the permits as described earlier, move furniture around in anticipation of the arrival of the couch and chair we purchased last night for the living room.  These are scheduled to be delivered on Thursday, so we will have something other than our outdoor chairs to sit on.

Another chore crossed off our list was done after I finished painting the kids bathroom, Kevin put up the new shower doors and these were put to use immediately by all the kids yesterday.  The bathroom is far from done, but it's appearance and function has improved greatly.

Installing and adjusting wheels on the bottom of the doors

And now we have a functional shower in the kids bathroom!!

Finally, as promised in my previous post I'm showing my find from our Saturday garage and estate sale treasure hunt.  We have a space on the wall that faces Kevin's office.  I had been looking for a book case that was big enough to hold our large collection of DVDs and videos.  I had seen a lot on our different outings, but nothing was that appealing and the few I did like were way more than I wanted to pay, especially for something I'd have to paint in order for it to work for our color needs.  So imagine my pleasant surprise when at one of the last estate sales we stopped at I found a large bookcase that not only worked for the purpose I had in mind, but was already white so I didn't need to paint it, was in great shape and was mine for only $30!!!  Now this is what treasure hunting is all about.
Couldn't pass this one up and I didn't.  I was very thankful Kevin and Patrick were on this shopping trip and were able to load it up and get it home for me.   So without further delay here it is:

I don't have the picture of it filled, but it holds a lot!!  Perfect.

That's it for now.  Time to get some sleep so I can be up and ready to begin painting the exterior stucco on the house.  Patrick and Jennifer have graciously volunteered to help, so I need to be ready to start early.  Take care, will continue to show our progress as we make it happen!

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