Friday, April 5, 2013

Getting Things Done

It has now been 5 weeks since our arrival in Florida and 4 weeks since moving into our new home.  The time has been absolutely flying by as we clean, paint, unpack and have been so busy since our arrival with trying to get settled in.  Just wanted to share a few more of our project updates.

I posted the other day about repainting the front door from the hunter green to it's current cleaner looking white.   The door had a carriage style lamp before and we really like the craftsman look. 
We will be making changes to the house to bring in more colors and accents to reflect this style.
The first was when Kevin surprised me with a lamp he had ordered.  He decided to go ahead and
put it up though we haven't repainted the exterior stucco yet.  I like the lamp and we're looking for two larger ones with a similar style for each side of the garage.

Painted door with old carriage lamp. Not a bad lamp, but not our style.

Kevin putting up our new lamp.

Door now with the new craftsman style lamp

Here's the lamp, I do like my surprise - thanks Kevin!!

Then in our room we are desperate for storage since we sold or gave away most of our dressers before our move.  I've been going to garage and estate sales, as well as thrift and regular furniture stores looking for replacements.  Since I'm not sure what I really want it hasn't been easy and the sales I'd been to hadn't inspired any purchases.
 Jennifer offered us a dresser and mirror along with a highboy dresser that were extras for them.  Yay, and with just a bit of paint they became pieces that will work with the look our room will eventually arrive at.  Thanks Jennifer!!!

Highboy dresser before

Highboy dresser after - Kevin will use this one

Dresser and mirror before

Dresser and mirror after

Now it was time to tackle our closets.  There's a lot of potential, but the current state was dirty and really just disgusting with the way the old closet hardware was rusted and it had that gummy feel that old coated wire pieces get.  So Kevin took the hardware down and cleaned the floor (this too we will eventually replace) then it was time for me to paint the interior.  After a trip to Lowe's for supplies Kevin put the rails and shelves up and then it was time to put it to the use it's meant for and which I have been really desperate for. Now that I have a closet Kevin is getting started on his. With these done and the dressers we'll finally have something to put the piles of clothes and hanging bags into and begin to get our bedroom looking like a room and not the cluttered mess that is it's current state!

My closet before with dirty floor, walls, old paint and hardware

You can see the yucky walls and rusted closet hardware - GROSS!!

Kevin starting some cleaning after removing hardware, then my turn to paint in there.

Cleaned, painted with new bars and shelf

Ta Da!!  All ready for filling up

Today we spent the better part of the day going to Estate and Yard Sales searching for furniture pieces for storage. Kevin and I had a great time on this outing with Patrick and Jennifer that included a stop for lunch. Cameron graciously watched the girls for us while we had our day out.   

 I'll post tomorrow the great shelf unit I scored for a terrific price at an Estate sale today.  That's it for now, more to come later ( smile).

Time to get some stuff in my closet now that I have one!!

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