Monday, April 22, 2013

Cameron's Shed/New Room Arrives

On Friday Cameron's soon to be new living space arrived on a trailer.  I've shared before that we ordered a 12'X20'  shed that we will convert into a mini apartment for him.  The basic shed was delivered late Friday afternoon and is scheduled to be inspected by the county tomorrow.

Once we get the go ahead from that we will begin the process of adding electric, water and connecting to the septic system for building out his studio style apartment there.  I'll be posting as we make our progress on this, but for now he's very excited that we are moving closer to the reality of having his own room.

The shed arriving

It was amazing watching how quickly these two guys backed the shed in, moved it into place and off loaded it, then leveled and secured it down with very long stake tie downs that the county requires for high wind protection. This is what will be inspected tomorrow so we can get our paperwork sign off and get to work making it a real living space.

Shed being leveled and then after blocks were added it was secured with very long stakes through the interior side pieces.
The shed's exterior was the "wood look" required by the county because of the area we are located in.
Truth be told I'm not as happy with the exterior appearance as I would have been just to have it match the look and color of the home.  So I'll have to figure out what I'll do to soften the exterior appearance and have the two buildings blend together better.

Shed set and secured.

The interior space.

This Wednesday we are due to get our new garage door installed.  We're looking forward to that too, as our new door will function properly.  The current one was damaged in the past and doesn't open very well and the opener doesn't work at all.  The new one will be fully insulated and will have windows that will help with noise, temperature and a good light source.  A new opener will also be installed so as we clear the garage out we can actually begin getting our vehicles inside!!

The progress of settling in continues.



  1. Sorry I have not visited you for a while. But had been traveling and very busy. So much improvement on the house. Hope the trailer work goes well.

    1. Thanks Paps, I'll be posting as we make progress. Hope your travels went well. Was this with your son's football tour?
      Will check in on your blog again for any updates I might have missed. All the best to you and your family.