Friday, October 5, 2012

Welcome Change

These past few months I have posted many a complaint about this long bout of extreme heat we've had.  The day time temperatures well into the hundreds have on many occasions not cooled off even at night.  I love to be able to sit out in the evening and enjoy the coolness, or open the windows at night to let the cooler fresh air in. For some time we hadn't really enjoyed this so as the break in the extreme temperatures was ushered in this past week it has been a wonderful, welcome change.

Our days have "cooled down" to the upper 80' or mid 90's.  The nights have seen a tremendous drop and for me as an early riser I love sitting with my cup of coffee and feeling a chill in the morning air.
This morning I actully slept in until 6:30 am!!  That is late for me.  As  I was making coffee in the kitchen I looked out the window to a blanket of fog covering everything.  So I grabbed my camera and ran out to take these.

The Lake doesn't even show up or the neighbors across the street

Front of property again lake and mountains are hidden
Looking Eastward at the hill behind our house
Sun just beginning to show behind the house

Just a half hour later the blue sky shows up
Fence near gazebo, hills or neighbors can't be seen

Half hour later with sun coming up foreground becomes shadow and hills start to show

Trees and light by gazebo with fog blanketing background

Then in that short time these changes, amazing to me.

The air felt so nice and cool and because of all the moisture from the fog and it smelled like it does after a light rain shower.  I returned inside for my coffee then just before posting this decided to wander back out and snap a few more pictures as the sun came up and the fog cleared a bit on the Eastern side of the house.  It's interesting to watch as what was hidden now shows up and what was in the foreground becomes shadow as the light changes.  It just felt magic, and is a great start to what I am anticipating to be a wonderful, busy day !!


  1. I wish we had some cooler weather over here. It is so hot that we have the air conditioning running most of the time. We have not had rains for a while and it is so so humid. I live in a tropical country so you can imagine how hot it is.

    1. I feel for you, by contrast I have nothing to complain about : ) What are the lowest temperatures that you will experience when your "winter" actually arrives?

  2. Fall has arrived!! Yipeee!! :)