Thursday, October 4, 2012

Coffee Chicken

I know it does sound strange for anyone who hasn't tried something similar, but this is delicious!!

I've tried several recipes and each has it's positives.  This is the simple one I follow and have had
great results.  You can use a whole chicken or chicken parts.  I have found that this works great with the "brick of chicken " I buy frozen at Smart N Final.  Kevin calls it that, because it's leg and thigh pieces that have been frozen in a large bag and looks and feels like a huge brick of frozen chicken when you pick it out of the freezer section.  It's a wonderful way to use pieces that have a lower price  point and still have a generous amount of meat on them.

Once thawed I cut off excess fat, but we like the crispy cooked skin so I leave that on.


2 onions diced
1/8 cup olive oil
2 Heaping Tbls. dijon mustard
2 overflowing Tbls. worcestershire sauce
2 level Tbls. instant coffee or strong coffee grounds
1 Tbls. course salt
3/4 Cups brown sugar
1 whole chicken or chicken parts of equal size ( 7 to 8 leg/thigh parts )

Chop and saute onions in oil until brown.  Mix mustard, worcestershire sauce
and coffee together.
With a whole chicken stuff onions inside, with parts hold to sprinkle on top once
sauce is on.
Slather chicken with sauce and place in baking dish.
Sprinkle course salt and brown sugar on top, if using parts use onion now as well.

Bake covered at 350 for 45 minutes to 1 hour, then uncovered for 20 minutes more
so skin is brown and crisp.  Serve.

We had this last night with sides of steamed brocolli and mashed potatoes I add two teaspoons
of horseradish in the potatoes for an extra zip of flavor.  All this equals a happy family, enjoying a
delicious meal together.

Hope you'll try this and let me know what you think or how you tweak the recipe yourself : )


  1. This sounds wonderful. WIll tweak to change sugar content only. Can't wait to try!

    1. Let me know how you change it and how it turns out for you. I'm always willing to try new ideas !! : )

  2. I'll use Splenda Brown Sugar Blend to cut carb content in half. 3/4 c. regular brown sugar = 180 grams.

    1. That should still produce the same effect of color and taste that makes it really good and smells wonderful as it cooks !