Monday, October 8, 2012

The Weekend in Review

It was a busy and fun weekend.  We started VERY early Saturday morning over at Amber and Eddies home to try our hand at selling off the smaller items that didn't really sell at our yard sale a few weeks ago.  They are in a track home that gets alot of drive by traffic and it worked,we successfully sold off a good portion of what we had left.  Amber and Eddie put out a few of their items that sold too as they will be preparing for another move at the end of the month.  Then aftewards we just dropped the remaining items off at Goodwill and cleared out a whole lot more in our clean up clear out process.

All set up, 6:45 AM, let the sale begin!

 Got to spend some time talking with Amber and Eddie, then with his mom and sister who showed up later in the day to visit.  Cameron stayed at home with the girls as it was way too early a start in the day for them to join us and there wouldn't have been much for them to do as we held the garage sale.

Got home and completed a few projects, then found a little bird that needed rescuing and put it in an old lizard cage with some shredded paper to try to keep it warm and safe.  By morning the little guy was doing much better and we were worried might further injure itself flapping at the side of the cage. So Cameron and I released it in a protected area of bushes out front.  It hopped around, but think it's wings still weren't working right.  Sadly I found it dead farther out in the yard late in the afternoon : (

Cute little thing, wanted out of the cage

Just after release in the yard

Off exploring

Enjoyed another beautiful sunset that these cooler changes in the weather have been producing.

Finally, on Sunday the couple who own the property next to ours came out to visit, They live in LA and will spend time at their property as a get away.  When we made plans they wanted to bring lunch and treat us to something that's hard for us to buy here.  Fresh made Peking duck!!!  We enjoyed this with spiced rice noodles, dumplings and shrimp tempura sticks.  Everything was amazing.  Then we spent several hours visiting and hearing about their latest trips where they stayed several months with extended family in various places in China.

The Hsu'- an older picture. I forgot to take some yesterday during their visit.

Peking duck ready to go in the over for extra crispy texture

  This was their first meeting with Lauren.  It was interesting that though I know she understood them speaking Chinese, she's very hesitant in answering.  We've experienced this before with her.  We think there is a fear for her that if she participates she might be going back.  There is also the confusion of total immersion in English and the sudden introduction of an old yet familiar language.  I have CD's in Mandarin that we failed miserably before going to China at learning, that I will begin to play in the background as she plays in her room.  This will help keep her ear tuned and not have her completely lose this 2cd language skill set.  We're set to go at the end of this month to visit the Hsu's at their home.  Looking forward to it.

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