Saturday, October 13, 2012

Projects Resume

With the final arrival of MUCH cooler Fall temps it's time to get busy!!!  We had a wonderful day of rain that fell consistently and gently on Thursday.   LOVE THIS!!!  It was enjoyable to actually have a fire in the fireplace, watch the rain falling outside and the smell of rain has always been something that triggers fond memories for me.

 So now with these helpful climate adjustments it's time to get back to the projects we'd placed on hold because it was too miserable to be outside.  Kevin and Cameron have been busy the last couple of days getting the stucco done on the back room.  They had finished the one end wall a couple months ago prior to our new AC unit being installed.  We still had the area around both back windows and the french door entrance that needed to be done.  The scratch coat is up and today they will be adding the finish layers.  Once dry I'll paint it white to match the other areas of stucco we have done on the house.

Love being able to check off items on our "to do" list.

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