Saturday, October 27, 2012

Visiting the Hsu's

LA Skyline as we head down the 10 Freeway

A couple of weeks ago we posted about a couple named Frank and Debora Hsu who own the property next to ours and their visit at our home.  At the end of our time we made plans to go to Hollywood where they live to visit.

Debora and Frank are a fascinating couple, he was originally from Mainland China and left with his family to Taiwan during the time of the cultural revolution.  Debora's family came from Japan and settled in Taiwan and it was at the university there the two met.  They are a wonderful example of the American story, coming here with nothing but a willingness to work hard and the determination to take advantage of all opportunities this country had to offer. 

Frank originally used his double degree in Chemistry and Biology to work in a lab, while Debora worked in the restaurant field learning the ins and outs of operation.  After 4 years they'd saved enough to buy the first in a set of what would expand to 4 businesses.  A coffee shop, then restaurant, night club and art gallery.  All smaller businesses within the growing Hollywood community.  Debora spoke of the exhausting hours to build and keep these going and the need for nannies to help with the two daughters they would later have.  Frank would eventually come on board to manage the accounting side as Debora dealt with operations.  During this time they also worked to sponsor family members to be able to immigrate to America and get the same opportunity to succeed.

In time they would sell these businesses and eliminate the need to have to manage on a daily basis a hands on interaction with business operations and would buy property and buildings to be leased to business operators.  They invited us to join them at one of these restaurants for dinner last night.

Just some of the "snacks" that would fill this lazy susan for our enjoyment

We arrived earlier in the day for a time to visit and what Debora modestly referred to as some "snacks".  She had prepared a veritable feast of dim sum and stir fry goodies!!!   Fortunately we spent hours visiting, because we needed the time to have an appetite again for dinner : )

Late in the day we headed to the Black Angus Steak House and a wonderful meal there.  The girls hold a special place in Debora's heart as she knows the opportunities that are available to them in their lives here and as the perpetual optimist and visionary speaks to all they can grow up to be.

Flash didn't work well here with Cam and Debora

Debora and "her girls" : )

We love our time with this incredible couple and the richness of their lives and experiences.  Time always goes so quickly in their company.


  1. I have to wonder if one of the reasons God brought your families together was to help the girls to know their heritage and, possibly, the Chinese language. God always has a plan!