Saturday, October 20, 2012

Barn Project/Challenge

If you've been around a little while you know we've maintained a busy agenda of cleaning up and clearing out and completing LOTS of projects here.  Several months ago I began painting the house the new Smoky Olive color, then had to stop as the weather got really hot and stayed hot!  Now that the house is painted I'm on to a BIG challenge - painting the barn.

We have a gambrel style barn/garage.  The front and back are the part of this that is the "challenging" bit I mentioned.  It's really tall and getting all the way to the top means getting creative with scaffolding and ladders.  The side closest to the house is done, and I moved on to the back by the pool.  My arms and neck are already feeling this : )

Painted side near the back of the house

This is the progress I've made on the back with just ladders and extension poles

Another view of the back of barn

The positives of this are it really needs new paint as the weather over the years has taken quite a toll on the old paint.  I'm liking the look of the new color, so while this cooler weather holds it's time to really get a move on and to get this done!!  

Will post updates as I make progress.

Oh, and just an extra - Kevin got the first coat of white on the finished stucco, YAY.


  1. Just FYI - the barn is over 36-feet (11-meters) high! Of course I am constantly checking up on Lynda or sending Cameron to check on her to make sure she stays safe on the ladders.

  2. That's one big job! I love the new color and hope soaking in the hot tub eases up the shoulders & neck.

    1. Thanks Guerrina, will have to make use of your suggestion for the hot tub. Haven't done that yet : )

  3. Wow you guys do a lot of work around the house. It gives such a great feeling and satisfaction when the job is well done.

    1. It does and it beats joining a gym! : )