Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Computer Moving Towards Normal

Computer still has issues.  Kevin has been great in making so many strides against this nasty malware.  He's still having to pull hidden files as he rids my computer and I try not to click on anything that might reintroduce this nasty thing.

We've made backups now of my homeschool records and all the many pictures I have on here.  Though I have lots of other documents, teaching resources, music, etc...  It was the pictures and school records that bothered me most when I thought they might be gone.  Also found my Facebook account had unsuccessfully been attempted to be accessed by someones computer in Kiev, Ukraine.  That doesn't really sit well, kind of creepy even though I really have little info on myself in my "personal" info. Glad for the blocks that were there and thwarted that.

My "Favorites" lists and folders had been temporarily lost so I found myself doing searches to try to find some blogs I really enjoy following, but can't always remember the blog addresses that can differ from the blogs name.  So in the process of searching I found myself following rabbit trails and finding a few others that are fun and interesting : )   Also came across a recipe I used for dinner with great success last night. It was for baked potato soup (click on soup to access recipe).  Everyone absolutely LOVED this.  Will definately be making it again.  I served it with bread I'd just made in my bread machine.   So something positive came from this mess : )

I'm a bit gun shy about making searches to complete the resources I'd hoped to find for the unit study I still want to do next month for the girls.  Will use the resources I have on hand about the Pilgrims.  Tried and true sites I've used before, and may make a trip to the Library for my other needs. 

Life moves forward for us, hope all is well for you who pop over to check in on us.


  1. How blessed you are to have an In-Home IT person!

    1. Tell me about it !! : ) I would still be out a computer right now and paying for someone from the "geek squad" propably to try to fix it.