Friday, June 1, 2012

Prayer Request

There is a family, the Bartlinski's that we have been lifting up in prayer for some time. We have an icon on our sidebar for one of their daughter's in particular.  I've borrowed their info from their site for a brief history of Teresa here:

Today Teresa goes in for a heart cath to test and see if she is able to be listed for transplant status. Having to be put under for this procedure is dangerous in itself for her.  This is an amazing, loving family with nine children with all 5 of the younger girls originally from China.  God has already done so many wonderful things in answer to prayer and I encourage you to visit their blog to learn more about them at the link I'll have a the bottom of this post,

As a family we prayed for Teresa last night and took communion together to stand on the promises of that covenant's healing.  We believe nothing is impossible for God and personally while I am so grateful for medical advances like heart and lung transplants, I am believing for  healing that can come through His creative miracle working power.  I would humbly request all who are so inclined to lift this precious girl and her family up in prayer with the expectation of results that can come from the source of life Himself.  Thank you.

For the Bartlinski's blog click here.

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