Monday, June 11, 2012

Swimming and Changes

With all the ups and downs in temperatures this year, our swim season began a bit later. Now that the pool water has warmed, the days are hotter, and we've dealt with getting rid of ducks and the mess they left we are able to enjoy the pool.

I took some photos as the girls and dad got out to swim. As I did I was struck with the changes from last year as both the girls have grown so.  I retrieved pictures from last May and noted the contrasts.  The swimsuit that was a bit baggy on Hannah last year fits beautifully this year.  And she's so bold in her swimming now.

May 2011

The changes in Lauren are amazing.  Last year we were still really trying to put some weight on her and build up her stamina.   Looking at her this year the healthy food and vitamins have paid off.  There's meat on those bones!!!  I was aware of this as she's now gone from a size 2T to 3T, and when she walks she now has enough of a tummy and backside that her pants don't fall down, but to see her in her swimsuit truly showed the changes.

May 2011 - note thin arms
2012 -Healthier size and weight

Last year though she was excited about the "big water", she was terrified when it actually came to getting in.  This year she was excited and after a bit of initial hesitation, quickly adjusted and boldly moved off the step and swam about in the shallow end on her own.  I'm sure it won't be long before she loses the floattie and becomes a fish the way Hannah has.

2011 - Terrified

2012 - Enjoying herself

Content to swim without assistance

Cameron enjoying his time relaxing

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