Thursday, May 31, 2012

A.M. Rituals

I'm an early morning person.  I love my quiet time with the Lord being up early. To be able to think without interuption, to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the cool quiet before the day's busyness begins and to be able to organize my "to do list".

Recently we replaced our fading coffee maker with a Cuisinart grind and brew. For years we've ground our own blend of beans since we tend to like our coffee strong.  This new machine has been great once I got used to it sounding like it was going to launch itself through the kitchen ceiling with the noise of the super fast grinder.  It has a thermos carafe for Kevin's sake because when work doesn't require an early morning schedule, he is NOT a morning person.

So after my time of refreshing I am ready to face the day of school schedule, house and property tasks and just the general busyness a day brings.

Hope your day started off as nicely for you. Make it a good one.


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