Friday, June 8, 2012

Hungry Baby Birds


You want us to eat this?

I promised updates and here are some new photos.  Of the original 5 eggs, 3 hatched.  Mom and Dad have been busy caring for these quickly growing little ones.  They seem a bit more comfortable with our intrusions since their babies aren't harmed after our visits.

Dad watching from the tree

Two days ago the little birds were still floppy headed and a tad listless. 

Today when I arrived they responded with anticipation of being fed, then seemed quite disappointed when all they got was this flashy thing.
They don't make any sounds yet, but I imagine that will change in the next few days.


"Hey where's my food?"

Cartoon birds Orangeball productions.


  1. It is so fascinating to watch their development. Our baby finches are full grown and the parents have now laid another clutch of eggs!!! I am at a loss to know what we are going to do with all of them. Great pictures!!

    1. It is amazing to see all the changes. Will have to block the dogs on the other side of the yard when it comes time for them to leave the nest. Don't want our dogs responsible for limiting their chances.