Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dried Herbs

I mentioned in my garden update the other day all the herbs that were going strong in our garden, yard and greenhouse.  Two days ago I cut some of the sage back in the hydroponics system we have in the green house.

Then laid the leaves out in my dehydrator and set it on the 95 degree herb setting. And just let it run until all the moisture was out of the leaves.  It's amazing the shrinkage in the before and after shots.

I then used a grinder I have specifically for spices to grind it up and there we have it, all ready for use in cooking!

Will repeat the process with more sage and other spices to restocked my cupboards as I use a lot of spices in my cooking and love to add as much variety as I can for testing various recipes or adding extra flavor to traditional meals.  Keeps life spicey.


  1. Iv high spice tolerance. Our cooking rack is full of spices, but whatever we get in the markets nowadays is adulterated. Its good that you have your own herb garden from where you can produce fresh spices...

    1. I try to grow as many as I can for the love of them and I too like to know what I'm serving my family.