Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"I Voted"

This is Camerons first opportunity to vote as a now "adult" citizen of this State.  That's strange for us as mom and dad to acknowledge he's an adult.  Kevin and I have for years voted by absentee ballot, especially with the ever increasing number of state, county and judicial seats to decide on, plus the mountain of info you need to research on all the propositions attached to each election.  It's easier to in the privacy of your home do the research and take advantage of online resources to aid in making more educated choices.  Then not to be hurried in filling out the ballots.

So Sunday evening Cameron sat with his ballot and joined us in this "civic duty"  : )    He was quite pleased with the process.  Rather than mail, we will usually drop the completed ballots off at the local polling place and so his first election, this one a Primary ballot, is now a new first for him.

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