Friday, June 22, 2012

Liquid Gold

Time to talk about a stinky subject.  It's gardeners liquid gold, but oh the smell!!! I'm referring of course to fish emulsion.  I spent some time adding this delightful substance to my garden yesterday so this is still fresh in my mind and nose : )

It is literally emusified fish and the smell reflects that.  For anyone who has used the stuff you know it's the kind of odor that if you get a good whiff instantly triggers your gag reflex.  Yet my plants LOVE this and they happily repay me by growing bigger, healthier and producing more. 

So I mixed up several batches and hand watered the garden with my watering can. Once each plant got it's gift I watered it in to get it down to root level and for me to dilute the smell of living by some stagnant sea inlet.  Fortunatly you only need to do this once a month to see results and as stated before the results are worth the effort.

We've begun to enjoy some of our gardens produce.  Swiss rainbow chard, bell peppers, tomatoes, jalapenos, yellow squash and loads of zuchini.  The okra is about ready to pick and in a short while the sweet corn.  Our sunflower heads will be ready for cutting and drying soon. The butternut squash and melons have begun to form and in a few weeks should be ready.  Have had loads of thyme, parsley, sage, basil, chocolate mint and lemon basil to add as spices and dry for later use.

I've started a lot more seed in the shade structure attached to the green house for salads as it's too hot in the garden right now and would bolt before we got anything from the plants.  This has been a great learning experience for the girls and when we eat any vegetables they immediately ask if it's "ours".


  1. So amazing to know you are harvesting and our veggies in CT are just deciding to grow up! Can I come to your house to eat while mine are growing! :)

  2. But I'll pass on the I passed on butter beans years ago.

    1. You are welcome to come any time!! I like okra in gumbo or fried. Otherwise it's not my favorite. I grew up eating butter beans and rice with lots of gravy at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Had a mom from the South : )

  3. I am not a gardening person at all so I wouldnt know.