Thursday, May 3, 2012

Surprise for the Kids

SHHH. We have a surprise for the kids today   : )

 After a short school session we'll be heading off to visit Mickey!!   We've had annual passes as a family for years and after Lauren's arrival last year we visited Disneyland about 4  times before our passes expired.  Lauren liked seeing "Mupmy Moosh" (Micky Mouse) as she called him, but was still in the adjustment phase where everything else was a bit overwhelming.

 Plus since she was only 36" tall at the time of her arrival she was very limited with the rides she could go on since Disney's height requirement for most rides other than little kids ones requires a minimum height of 40".

In the year plus since Lauren's arrival, we've been active in helping her body continue to heal from all the early health issues she had, and have worked to reverse the malnourishment diagnosis she recieved at her original doctors visits here.  In addition to healthy food, we added vitamin and probiotic supplements to help her body be able to absorb the vitamins from the food she was getting. The side benefits to her have not only been no further hospitalizations, overall good health, but the fact that she is now at 7 years old 40" tall !!!  YAY.

Hannah's a huge Disney fan and has been wanting to return. Our other goal of paying off all our debt, just hasn't made it a priority.  With only one consumer debt left to pay off and at 0% it will be finished this August, we set aside funds to treat the family when we received our State tax refund. This way we stay true to our goals and bless the family as well.

So we will be heading out in a little bit to enjoy a day at DIsneyland.

Will post our pictures tomorrow.

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