Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Change in Plans for "TO DO" List.

   1. - As our school year officially winds down we spend time getting through the last of our school books and lessons. I begin to review materials for getting grades done and making sure we've covered all that was on our lesson plans that I organize at the beginning of the year.  We still continue to school through the summer, but we make it more fun and really on a limited basis. It's more a time to review, cover areas that might need work or clarity and do more of our craft time to keep it lite. Mom needs the break even more than the kids!!!!

New Smoky Olive Color
   2. - This past weekend I started to paint the exterior of the barn and house.  This will be an ongoing project for some time due to the size of the project and with warmer afternoon temperatures, this worker bee limits her time outside!  Am liking the new color and feel beside the fact that the painting definately needed  to be done it will make a nice change to the exterior look and feel of our home. 

Old Yellow Exterior Color

Hannah Drawing with Sidewalk Chalk while the adults work

Lauren busy with her art and Bea keeping watch, and napping : )

   3.   -  Kevin and Cameron began the prep process for stuccoing the exterior of the back room by putting up wood trim around the windows.  Then they will put up the wire and begin the stucco process.

Oops, change of plans!!!
   4.  - Install new hot water heater.  This item jumped to the top of the list last night when our water heater began leaking.  We had purchased an instantaneous whole house water heater awhile back and had planned to have it done by this summer.  With the demise of our old heater this now became the priority activity. Kevin took a personal day today to work on replacing the unit so we can have our hot water back.  I'm very thankful we had a new one ready to go, he has the skills to install and he was able to take the time off to do this.

There are the usual activites still ongoing:
 Our garden is really taking off with the warmer temperatures. The chickens have been keeping us going with LOTS of eggs and one of our "girls" went  over and above the call of duty with this oversized beauty.  We are still in awe of the size of this one!!

Our Super Sized Egg on the Left vs. Normal Size on Right


  1. I LOVE seeing all your projects! The new color on the barn is lovely. We, too, have been thinking about the "on demand" water heaters. I would love to hear about how you decided on the Bosch one and what you think of it. And that egg is gi-normous (as my kids would say)! The summer schedule for school will be wonderful. We are planning to go four days a week with less math time, but the rest will probably remain unchanged. Have a glorious Wednesday, dear! :)

    1. Thanks Anne, will let you know as we go along how we like the heater. Are hoping this adds to a reduction of propane usage, since it won't have to constantly keep the water heated. HA-HA, that's the same term my kids used with the egg, along with OUCH!!! : )

  2. Beautiful color for the barn!Projects, projects!Doesn't feel right if I don't have a "To Do/Project" list! :)


    1. Thanks Guerrina - you're so right about the "to do lists". : )