Friday, May 4, 2012

A Very Disney Day

Yesterday was really special. In the little over a year since we were last at Disney the changes happening at the parks and then within the family were striking.

  The park known as California Adventure is getting a whole makeover with building facade changes, new rides and updates for older ones.  It makes for a bit of a mess winding your way around the temporary pathways, but I'm sure the results will be worth it.

Lauren was beside herself with excitement. Her newfound ability to participate in "big girl" rides kept a huge smile on her face all day.  We documented her 40" height achievement.

40" Tall!!!

Unfortunately the one ride "Soaring" that Hannah really wanted her to experience was shut down due to technical difficulties.  So that will be for another day. That is the benefit of annual passes, no real tragedy in not being able to participate this time, you'll save the adventure for the next outting.

Lauren sat on Kevin's lap to get a better view for the shooting gallery on the TOY STORY ride. She was so intent and animated when it came to getting the targets!!!

At Bug's Land watching all four on the Tuck'n'Roll bumper cars was a kick. Mom was quite content to pass on this one and play photographer.

Brought the strollers to handle the long distance walking. Lauren still doesn't last long with extended physical activities, and thankfully we brought the umbrella stroller  "just in case", for Hannah.  She wound up with an uncomfortable blister on her heel early in the day and would have been miserable walking all day long.

The updated STAR TOURS ride was a hit with the whole family.  Both Hannah and Lauren giggled, squealed and screamed their way through the whole adventure.  You wear 3-D glasses for a better effect, and when the ride ended Hannah got right  up to my face and said "that was SO COOL!!!!".  Lauren dittoed  the sentiments, so we made a point to go again later in the day.

Finding Nemo Sub Ride

We walked, rode and ate our way through a wonderful day.  Finishing at Downtown Disney with a delicious dinner at Tortilla Jo's, and take home bread pudding from the Jazz Cafe, before heading to the truck.  Both girl's jabbered away about all they did and how much fun they had, until it quickly grew silent and they both faded into LA LA Land fast asleep for the ride home.  Great day - thank you Lord for not just this blessing, but the joy of the little one's here to share it with!!!

Girl's With Jasmine and Aladdin

Big Bro and his little sister's


  1. Visiting from the Antbed. :) Precious little girls. Looks like the Magic Kingdom remains the place where dreams come true!

    1. Glad you stopped by Brandee. Thank you for the compliment and yes it still is a magical place!! : )

  2. The picture of Cameron holding the girls' hands made me cry! What precious hearts you have trained into your sweet children. And I LOVE the picture of Lauren sitting on Kevin's lap--she is SO focused and intent! Such a glorious day! Such precious memories! Thank you for linking up! :)

    1. Thanks, I had to snap a picture as Cameron was escorting his little sisters around. It was sweet. He is a great big brother and I'm so thankful for all his help. Lauren's natural competitive spirit kicked into high gear as she intently knocked down the targets : )
      It was a nice day.