Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our Prolific Artist

"When I grow up I'm going to be an artist", was the announcement Hannah made the other day as she held out her latest creation.  From the time she was little and used to take the recycled paper from Kevin's school work or projects and turn them into "notebooks" or loads of these:

Hannah's "Blues Clues" pawprints

Hannah at 4 with her little table, chair and supplies

We'd find "Blues Clues" all around the house.  In addition to her many works of art. Our refrigerator has always been her showcase.

Sample of her many creations
In time the numbers and quality of images, scrolls, notes and with her ability to write love notes and "books" would increase.  She's always loved getting craft kits for gifts and has lately been making loads of potholders with her weaving kit, so I never have a shortage in the kitchen.

Hannahs "Books"

3-D Puppets

Love Notes, Scrolls and Cards

A few potholders

And for goodness sakes don't ever let her catch you making a huge faux pas as when Cameron cleaned his room and disposed of some of her creations.  OHHHH the attitude he got when she announced "Cameron just threw my gifts away!!!".

Her creativity and boundless energy to pursue her craft gives us a constant supply of creations to enjoy. I do love her enthusiasm and will have to make more of an effort to provide various materials and means for her to continue to express this passion.
So we will continue to encourage our artist who has also announced in the past her desire to be a doctor, a mom, a chef, a teacher and a scientist.  Knowing Hannah she could be all and do a great job!


  1. She sounds like my daughter. My daughter's job is making cards and painting. She keeps saying she is going to have a hand made card shop and paintings. Love Hannah's work. Very very good for her age. I draw and paint too.

    1. Aww Paps, thanks. Have seen your pictures of your daughter with her paint sets. Good for her, creativity expressed is a joy. I paint and draw as well and need to spend more time allowing Hannah to learn with the materials I have at hand!

  2. So lovely!!


    1. Thank you that is very kind of you, and glad you stopped by our blog!