Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Start of a new school year.

Today marks the official start of the school year for Hannah and Lauren. As a homeschooling family we do have to ensure that the children go through mandatory coursework as well as having a required minimum number of school days documented. Our children do not get a traditional summer break, they have review work that keeps their  brains functioning over the summer and gets them off to a running start when the new school year starts. The schedule also allows us to be flexible so that if we take a family vacation during the off season we do not have to worry about school work while we travel. One thing though our children always have some assignment or school work that is geared toward the area(s) we visit that keeps learning mixed with fun.

Lauren & Hannah watching a school video.

Cameron helping Lauren write her

Cameron at his piano lesson.

Nothing fancy for dinner, Lynda needed to repair a broken sprinkler head in the garden and pulled some items out of the freezer to do up quickly.  Tonight tilapia, corn-on-the-cob, cheese broccoli, and homemade bread.

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