Sunday, September 11, 2011

Looking Back 10 years ago

Like many here in the USA and around the world we took some time today to look back over the past 10-years and reflect on those who lost their lives and loved ones. But our thoughts and prayers are not just on September 11, 2001 but those who are serving our nation and those who have given the greatest sacrifice in protection of our freedoms.  God Bless America!

Ten years ago we were living in a trailer on our new property as we were building the house. We had just had the electricity connected but had not moved into the house. Kevin called Lynda from work to let her know to turn on the a TV that we had set up in the house and connected to rabbit ear antenna. Lynda turned on the TV and witnessed the coverage just as the second tower was struck by a plane.

Ten years ago Amber was almost 14, Cameron almost 7, Hannah and Lauren were yet to be born. Amber is now married and we have a son-in-law, Eddie. Cameron is now out of High School and getting ready to start college.

Here are some photos of where we were 10 years ago and were we are today.

Our Family Today.

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