Sunday, September 4, 2011


Well this weekend Cameron has learned a lesson in how keeping to a budget can challenge us, the Wii system crashed and it looks like the disc reader may have died.  Kevin tried cleaning the lens, however that did not work.  Looks like no Wii for the rest of September.

Lauren has also gone through some challenges of her own, she decided to break some more of her toys, so we had to carry through with our warning that the next time she broke toys for no reason (or just because she was mad) we would clear her shelves.

Lauren did earn her coloring books back and we have established some guidelines for her to get her other toys back. (yes we are such mean parents!)

On a good note, Amber & Eddie joined us for a late lunch burgers on the grill, rosemary potatoes, and fruit salad.

Lauren with her empty shelves.

The girls ready for church today.

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  1. I have to say, I am proud of you guys! The Wii breaking would have sent most families to claim "emergency"! Ha! I love when you say "Looks like no Wii for the rest of September." - so great!