Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Down to the last 2-days of the Budget Challenge

Only 2 days remain and we will exceed our expectations for the 30-Days of Nothing Budget Challenge.  Luckily our garden, green house, and orchard are still supplying some fruits and vegetables. Lynda was able to take several pickling cucumbers, peppers, and other vegetables that were in the green house and make some sweet pickle relish.  We did have to take a picture of one of Cameron's typical breakfast french toast sticks, regular toast (with some of Lynda's fresh bread), and a large bowl of oatmeal - it is amazing with how much he can eat that we were able to make it the entire month on what we have on hand in the pantry!

Lynda has been busy being creative and teaching Hannah and Lauren (Cameron has also been very helpful in the girls lessons).

Goodies from our Garden.

Pickling cucumbers from our greenhouse.
Fresh ingredients from our garden
to make sweet pickle relish.

Typical breakfast for Cameron,
(he already ate some before the photo).

Sunset from our house looking towards the lake.

Some of Lynda's latest handmade decorations.

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