Monday, September 5, 2011

Peaceful Labor Day Holiday at Home.

We will break this post up into several sections, the first on Lauren, the second on the weather, the third on Lynda's recipe for lunch today.


For those who have never adopted the older child one of the things that we have had to deal with in past experience and now with Lauren is the grasp of cause & effect, for example yesterday with the toys, she will do something that she should knows is wrong and will break the toy and just can not seem to understand that if you do "XYZ" the toy will always break.  She will sometimes try it again and low and behold - the same outcome "XYZ" = broken toy.

Some of the process taking her through lessons that children learn at a younger age in a family, an orphanage no matter how good the caretakers is never as good as family life.  Although Lauren is 6 there are still 3-4 year old behaviors and thought processes that she needs to mature in.

The Weather:

Cloudy, some rain, some distant thunder, humid, and windy - not our typical Southern California day.

Lunch Recipe - Quiche:

This morning since the weather was cooler with all the clouds and some showers, Lynda decided to do some baking. Cameron came into Kevin's office and asked him "is mom feeling okay?"  Kevin asked why and Cameron replied "She's actually taking time to measure her ingredients!" Well the reason is that she wanted to have the recipe to share with those who are on the 30-day challenge, since most people are making the effort to eat at home to maintain their budgets.

Lynda's Fast & Easy Quiche

2 - Ready made pie crust (9-inch)
4 - Eggs
1 - T. garlic granulated or 2 cloves minced.
3 - tsps Montreal steak seasoning.
3 - cups cottage cheese.
1 - medium tomato diced
4 - turkey sausage links or patties cut in small pieces.
4- cups grated cheese (we use a cheddar/jack mix)

Mix eggs, diced tomatoes, spices, turkey sausage, cottage cheese, and 1-cup of cheese together in a bowl.
Pour into pie crusts and top with remaining cheese.

Bake at 400-degrees F. for 50-minutes.

This is a basic recipe that allows for any number of vegetables or other meats to be added (or meatless if you choose).

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  1. Quiche is one of my all time favorite things to, love it!