Saturday, February 26, 2011

Working on the "TO DO" list.

Only 2-weeks to go until Amber and Eddie's wedding day.  There are still some things left to do to get ready, making final preparations (and payments), some projects on the house and property getting ready for guest - oh and a little play time.  The rain and cold has kept us in, they called for snow last night but all we got was rain and sleet. Kevin & Cameron went to Pole Position to get Kevin's birthday races in and to get away from projects and work for a few hours.

Lauren is still continuing to adjust to life here, and of course we are adjusting to her being here.  There are always good days and not so good days, there are some behaviors that are normal for children her age and some that are the product of being in an orphanage for almost 6-years. Yesterday was a not so good day where she got in trouble for breaking other peoples things - today was  good day!  As time goes on and Lauren gets more comfortable knowing she is safe and home with her family forever, and once she learns more communications skills we should see more of what is her normal personality and behaviors.

Here are some photos from Pole Position and some of Hannah and Lauren playing with Mr. & Mrs. Potato  Head.

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