Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another First for Lauren.

We started today with Amber stopping over to go over some ideas that Lynda had for the floral arrangements at the church and completing the center-pieces for the wedding reception.

Then we headed out to one of the Carr Family's favorite places - can you guess?


Lauren was at times overwhelmed and had the "deer in the headlights look", until she spotted a character she was familiar with and had the chance to meet - "Mumpy Moosh" (her name for Mickey Mouse).

She enjoyed the Monsters Inc ride, the Toy Story ride, and had a great time in the Buzz Lightyear ride even to the point of taking over the laser blaster all on her own. Since she has seen the Toy Story and Monsters Inc videos with us she was somewhat familiar with these characters and seemed to enjoy the rides pointing to the various characters and smiling. 

We think we have a convert and as Cameron says - it is now official she is now a Carr since she has had her Disney initiation.

Mickey aka Mumpy
She was not too sure about Pluto at first
but Hannah took her by the hand to meet him.

No one was around so Mickey joined Pluto
for a group photo with the girls.

Lauren kept blowing kisses to Mickey,
he returned the gesture with a kiss for her.

Look of fear before the carousel started.

Dad had to finally get on the dolphin with her to get her to stay on the ride:

Can you tell this is one of Hannah's favorite rides!
Small World:  Hannah likes it, not too sure about Lauren.


  1. Wow...I am so jealous of Lauren already going to Disney Land!!! And Hannah....I like It's A Small World too. It is my favorite!! Looks like you all are doing good and I enjoy reading your blog with all of the updates!! And Cameron - Chad said watch out for the "chicks" in that suit!!! LOL!

  2. Thanks Becky, Love checking in on your blog also! Tell Chad that we will be keeping an eye on Cameron since we don't have him here to help us! ; )

  3. You're just bragging now!! We are EXTREMELY jealous! Love the pic's of the girls (OK - we like the pics of Cameron too!!). Looks like you had a great day - thanks for sharing it with us!! We need to plan our reunion trip for Disney or DW!! :)

  4. This isn't bragging Max - bragging is telling you we go there at least once a month or more. ; )

    It would be great to plan a future reunion trip to one of the Disney locations. (oh and we have not gone to IN&Out yet, we will let you know when we do.