Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lauren Adapting to Life Here & More Wedding Preps

Lauren continues to adapt to her new life here with us (and of course we are all adapting to our new life too).  The week started with some grieving on Monday at Breakfast when Lauren did not want to eat anything and refused to use any English words and after about an hour finally broke down and cried.  Following that she was fine the rest of the day.  Yesterday, (Tuesday) Kevin returned to work part-time and following school work Hannah & Lauren showed some great strides in playing with one another.  Normally, Lauren's attention span for any one game/toy is very short and consisted of pulling out some toys playing for 5-minutes and packing it back up. Yesterday, the two girls played with Hannah's doll house for more than an hour, Lauren stayed the whole time and only tried to clean up and put away once they were done playing.

Lauren is also much more comfortable around the dogs, she loves Bear and Nala, (Nala loves the extra attention), it will take a little more time with Mia though as Lauren is still a bit timid around her.

Lynda has been busy making the rest of the flower arrangements and centerpieces for Amber's wedding and reception, only 4-1/2 weeks to go.

A Few Photos of Lauren's first visit to the local ice cream shop last weekend:

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