Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another Week Ending

Lauren has now been home with us for 5-weeks.  Each week we have our ups and downs as she learns to live in a family and not in an orphanage, and we all learn to live with her in our lives.  Communication still is the biggest obstacle to overcome, Lauren sometimes gets frustrated and other times just keeps talking like she is sure we understand every word she speaks.

This past week Kevin celebrated his birthday and Amber & Eddie were able to join the rest of us for dinner and a little cheese cake!

Kevin blowing out the candle on
his birthday cheese cake! 

On Friday, Lauren had blood taken for the various test our doctor requested, we still need to collect some other samples early next week (the fun part which we do not need to explain!) : ) She did well until they placed the tourniquet on her arm, then she knew the needle stick was next and started to cry. Kevin held her and kept her arm steady while Lynda held her other hand and kept her comforted. Since she did so well as they drew the blood she was able to go to the store and pick out a new coloring book, she picked her favorite character - Mumpy (Mickey).

Lauren with her "Mumpy" coloring book.

Hannah and Lauren playing together.