Saturday, February 12, 2011

First Doctor Appointment in US

Lauren had her first appointment with our family doctor yesterday.  Lauren has had plenty of experience with doctors and hospitals in her life, so this visit was no big deal for her. We will be taking her for a full blood panel and screening (including lead), and an ultra-sound of her kidneys and urinary tract.  The only concern our doctor had was with her history of UTI and Kidney infections and the diagnosis of minimal change disease was making sure we have a good look at her kidneys and urinary tract to ensure no reflux is occurring and work to prevent the recurrent infections.

As for Lauren's small size, (she is below the the 5% line on the graph), our doctor is hoping that she will increase in weight and height with better nutrition.  We have witnessed this already as Lauren has gained 3-pounds just in the time we have been home with her.

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