Friday, August 6, 2010

Paper Chase End In Sight

Today we received 10 documents that were submitted to the California Secretary of State for Certification, one more step for them is to now go to the Chinese Consulate in LA for Authentication.  For those not familiar with the process: all of our paperwork needs to have a notarization or official seal, e.g. a birth certificate needs to have the local government seal showing it is a true copy, our medical and criminal checks need to be notarized indicating that the person signing the document is the doctor who examined us and the sheriff who is certifying our clearance.  These documents then all go to the state to have the notary's signature or government seal certified as being correct and valid at the time of signing. After this the documents then go to the local consulate where they are authenticated, this is where the consulate indicates that the State Certification is correct and valid.  After getting the Authentication the documents are then ready to send to China.

The only document left is to receive our approval from USCIS (Immigration) which we then copy and attach a notarized statement that this is a true copy, then sent to be certified and authenticated.

For the record:

1- document with US Dept of State Certification and Chinese Embassy in Washington DC Authentication.  (Lynda's Birth Certificate)

1- document with Pennsylvania Sec of State Certification and Chinese New York Consulate Authentication. (Kevin's Birth Certificate)

10 - documents with California Sec of State Certification and Chinese Los Angeles Consulate Authentication. (medical forms, criminal checks, financials, etc.)

1 - document to go!!!!!!!!!

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