Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fingerprints Done & Medical Update for Lauren

We went to Riverside today for our fingerprints at the USCIS Office, we had great favor and answered prayer: Our appointment was for 9 am we got there in record time with no morning traffic issues, we were both taken in, printed and out before our appointed time, the staff there was great, efficient and friendly!

When we arrived back home we had an e-mail from our agency with an updated medical report on Lauren.  Their previous update stated that they would be following up from this years earlier hospitalization and completed more testing which ruled out her UTI 's being caused by any major medical problems.

Once again we were amazed with her care and detailed reports, they have been providing Lauren textbook care according to our research and doctor's information.  We are so glad she is in Shanghai and has good care from both the nannies and doctors.

Hoping our approval letter from USCIS will be in early next week so we can get our dossier to China.  Tomorrow we pick up the documents we dropped off at the Chinese Consulate in LA.

Please continue to pray for favor and quick turn-around on our paperwork from the two governments, for Lauren's continued health, and for a quick and safe trip.  (we would love to be going to China around Christmas like we did for Hannah 5-years ago).

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