Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Great Room Shuffle

Here we go again with the building and shuffling of rooms in our house, this time to prepare for Lauren. Five years ago we added a door and made my old office into Hannah's Room and moved the office to the back game/tv room. When Amber moved out in January we moved the tv/game room to her old bedroom and then we had an office/library. Well let's see if I can explain the new transitions without too much confusion:

1 - The office/library - we are adding a wall and pocket door and making a room for Cameron. The other half will return to the old Game/TV room.

2 - Cameron's room will be repainted and changed and become Hannah's new room.

3 - Hannah's room will once again become the office.

4 - Amber's old room, now the game/tv room and Cameron's temporary bedroom while we build will become Lauren's room.

Here are some photos:

Building the new walls in Cameron's new room.


Cam's Old Room soon to become Hannah's new room.

Amber's Old Room, Cam's temp room, current game/TV room, soon to be Lauren's Room.


Hannah's current room soon to become the office (again).


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