Thursday, August 19, 2010

I-800a Approval!!!

We spoke with the Officer who is handling our case with USCIS (Immigration) she approved our application for I-800A as soon as she received our fingerprint update last week on August 11, 2010!!!  We are still waiting for the actual document which was mailed last week, hopefully we get that in the mail tomorrow.  Once we have the document we then make a copy, staple a statement that it a true and correct copy of the original, have the statement notarized, get it certified by the county, get it certified by the California Secretary of State, then get the Los Angeles Chinese Consulate to authenticate it.

After we get the authenticated document back we will be sending our entire package that makes up the dossier to our agency located in Indiana. FTIA will review the documents then send them to their Beijing staff to translate and submit to the CCAA in China.

Will keep updating as we move forward!  Please continue to pray for our family, for Lauren and continued favor with both the US and Chinese Governments.

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