Sunday, August 1, 2010

Care Package on the Way.

Since Lauren is an older child and will understand (and most likely more concerned) about what is going on when we arrive to pick her up we (Lynda) decided to send a small care package that has a few small gifts for her and the staff.  One thing we sent was a pillow she can use that has a picture of our family so she will get a chance to see what we look like so maybe we won't look so strange to her on "Gotcha Day".  We used a service called Red Thread China with a woman named Ann who lives on ShaMien Island in Guangzhou, this is where the White Swan Hotel is located and we stayed there when we were doing Hannah's U.S. Consulate paperwork, we may be staying there again this next time.

Here are some photos that were sent by Ann of the package, which should hopefully arrive in Shanghai on Tuesday morning.

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