Monday, August 9, 2010

Los Angeles Chinese Consulate and La Brea "Tar" Pits

Today we took a trip into downtown Los Angeles to drop off 10 of our documents for authentication at the Chinese Consulate.  The wait was about an hour and a half and we go back on Thursday to pick them up. Only one last document (the USCIS I-800a approval) fingerprints for that on Wednesday and hopefully the approval will be done quickly.

While in LA we took a trip to the La Brea "Tar" Pits (I have to add the " " as the kids reminded us the Brea is Spanish for tar which means if we say La Brea Tar Pits as commonly called, we are really saying The Tar Tar Pits).  It was the first time visit for Kevin, Cameron and Hannah and Lynda has not been there since her school days.

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