Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dossier Mailed!

We picked up that last piece of paperwork from the Chinese Consulate this afternoon, the I-797 approval affidavit. Of course that last piece of paperwork presented some challenges as we had it notarized last Friday and when we took it into the County Clerks office for certification the notary's signature was different from his signature card on file (4-year old signature card).  We needed to have him redo the notary and sign the form more like his old signature (luckily he is a friend).  Following the County Clerk Certification we drove to the Secretary of State office in downtown LA for State Certification and then on to the Chinese Consulate for Authentication - after a 2 hour wait we were out and returned today to pick up that document.

The dossier package is off FedEx to FTIA in Evansville, Indiana.  Here is a photo of the paperwork, not included in this photo however are the reference letters, photos of the family and home, copies of passports, documents that indicate we completed our mandatory parent, older child, special needs child, and Hague Adoption training.

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