Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Orthodontist Time

When we were still in California we had taken Lauren in to visit the orthodontist that did the braces for our oldest daughter Amber and son Cameron.  At that time Lauren's permanent teeth were rapidly coming in, but the baby teeth hadn't come out and she had 2cd and 3rd rows of teeth.  The orthodontist insisted that it would be best to let nature take it's course and just have her work on the teeth that were loose. This orthodontist agreed that this would have been the best course at that time. She has incredibly durable roots because 3 years later we're still trying to get those baby teeth out.  Most have come out, but there are still 6 that are holding fast and forcing her new teeth way out of where they might come in, so this orthodontist gave us a copy of her X-rays and a prescription to take to a dentist to have these removed.

Lauren's X-ray

Hannah has a few teeth that are out of alignment, so we thought we'd have her checked out for early intervention.  We were surprised to learn that despite the large size of so many of her teeth, there are still LOTS of baby teeth that need to come out.  He was really pleased with the size of these, because they will allow room for the new ones and he said just let nature take it's course.  I was glad to hear and see this because I thought most were permanent having lost count of how many teeth Hannah had lost when so many were falling out a few years back.  Truthfully, I would have been in a panic thinking she was losing permanent teeth without this info.

Hannah's X-rays

So we need to get Lauren to the dentist then let a few months pass for things to settle and possibly move before the Orthodontist wants to review her status.  For Hannah, he said let at least 9 months go by and we'll check in and see how things were doing.  Not having to start the expense of Orthodontics right now was a pleasant surprise and knowing the girls are still on track to have healthy teeth and pretty smiles is even better.

So for now braces are still a ways off.  Both girls were happy about this even though they see the value of them.  Can't say I blame them after having had them myself.

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