Sunday, April 26, 2015

Accidents Happen

A week and a half ago we received a call from our son, "Mom, I've had an accident".  Deep breath here, okay he's calling so that's a good sign.  I asked if he was okay and he said yes so was everyone else, but the car wasn't.  I told him cars can be replaced, I was just glad the people were okay.  He said where he was and Kevin headed over because from the sounds of it he'd need a ride home.

Turns out it was in an area of construction and when a construction vehicle pulled out suddenly from the side of the rode it caused a chain reaction of braking.  There was a large landscaping truck in front of him who quickly pulled to the right to try and get off the road as he hit the break, so he didn't hit the car in front of him.  Cameron had a barrel barrier on the right side of him and oncoming traffic in the narrow construction lanes so as he hit the brakes the right side of the car clipped the back left side of the truck.  Things would have been okay if that was all that happened.  The truck was like a tank and didn't sustain damage, and Cameron's right side would have needed fixing.  Unfortunately that wasn't the last of it.  As the truck pulled further up and off the road, Cameron turned to move in that direction and was struck from behind by a woman who hadn't seen the vehicles stopping.  Her car pushed the front of our Vue right into the side back panel of the truck, again not showing any damage to this tank of a truck, but crushing in a large V pattern the front of the VUE and the front of her car.

Poor VUE

Kevin waited with Cameron as all the reports were taken and the tow trucks arrived, then drove Cameron home as the tow truck dropped off our poor car.

Despite the fact it has low mileage and the engine wasn't damage, there was so much front end damage and  with the age of the car (a 2003), and the fact that they don't make Saturn's anymore the insurance company totaled the car.  Truthfully not unexpected by us, so we'd already started checking out our options.  After a couple sleepless nights, too much thinking and searching online, we used our insurance companies buying service to shop for the model we picked out as our best option, and went to the local Ford dealer for our new Fiesta.

Our new Ford Fiesta - good safety rating and great gas mileage

As the title says '"accidents happen", and thankfully everyone walked away from this one for which we are very grateful!!

Cameron does like his new ride.

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