Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hannah's Recital

Hannah and her friend Arielle before the performance

On Sunday Hannah had her violin recital a day she's prepared for these past few months.  All the practicing, the two rehearsals with the other kids and the nerves were coming together for this performance.  She was both excited as well as dealing with the butterflies in her stomach.

After the first 8 kids played it was Hannah's turn.  They had all just met once with the pianist the day before and while the piano accompanying the students added to their chosen pieces, it also served to throw many of the students off a bit and Hannah was one of those.  All of them rallied to push through and complete their pieces which was really impressive.  Hannah played the theme from Jurassic Park for her solo.

Following her solo were 6 more solo's, a trio of two violins and a cello playing together and a quintet that played a country piece called Johnny's Hoedown that was a change from many of the more classical pieces of the day.

Then it was time for the group to perform the William Tell Overture.  This was something Hannah was really looking forward to, but was concerned with holding up her part in the orchestra.  Here is a video of their efforts, Hannah was so excited at the end that she can be seen jumping for joy.

The group preparing to play

Getting ready - excited and nervous

The final two pieces were played by their teacher who played the kids choice of Let It Go, from Disney's film Frozen and Vivaldi's Four Season piece Winter.  With that we ended a wonderful day.
We surprised Hannah with flower, purple of course, at the end and gave her a bouquet to give to her teacher for all her efforts.

Hannah's relieved to have this over, but also a bit disappointed that she doesn't have anything to prepare for and look forward to.  We've assured her there will be plenty of more opportunities in the future as this is something she loves and wants to pursue.

Hannah with her flowers in front of the Sanford Women's Club were the event was held

I was so impressed with this whole group.  All of the kids had only two opportunities to practice together before this performance.  There were all different skill levels and once they were together with the guidance of their teacher Yvonne Bennetti they really put their best efforts forwarded and we all were able to enjoy the results.

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