Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hannah's 11th Birthday

Today is Hannah's 11th birthday!!  Can't believe how fast time flies and how grown up she's becoming.  We've had to work around Cameron's crazy busy school schedule in order to include him in birthday activities.

Cameron got home at 6 last night so we ate a bit later and he served cake

Since new classes started for him just Monday we weren't sure what his schedule would be until late Sunday afternoon.  Originally we thought he'd have the day off and wanted to plan a family outing, but sadly he has class today, so with Hannah's okay we had a pizza dinner and cake last night, and we'll let her open Cameron's gift before he has to leave for class today.

Our birthday girl

Then to celebrate we're taking the girls to see the new Cinderella movie.  We've heard it's good and it should be a lot more fun than school work, so we'll make up school later and enjoy a birthday out.

Happy Birthday Hannah. ~  Love you Mom, Dad, Cameron and Lauren. ~

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