Thursday, May 1, 2014

Silver Springs

My parents arrived from California this past Monday to visit us.  Then Tuesday my mom's brother Bill and sister Frankie drove in together, Bill came down from Maryland and after picking up Frankie in South Carolina they proceeded on to our home in Florida.  It's been great having them all here together to visit and yesterday we all played tourist and headed to a State Park we hadn't seen yet, Silver Springs.

Park Entrance
Bridge you walk over to go into the park area

It was a great day to go, the weather which has been warm and muggy, was cooler from the previous nights rain.  Being a week day and with the threat of rain there weren't many people at all so we had a pleasant day to stroll about and take in this pretty park and the Springs.  Silver Springs is known too for the glass bottom boats used to view the incredible springs that feed the head waters here.

After arriving and having a quick bite to eat at a restaurant here, we boarded our boat with Captain Dave, a man who has worked at this State Park for 51 years.  The views as we rode were beautiful.  The scenery and wild life around us and of course the amazing views through the bottom of the boat.

Aunt Frankie on the left and Baba (my mom) on  the right
Grandpa (my dad)

Dad and Frankie upper right and my Uncle Bill on the bottom right
Boat launch.  Two kayaks on the lake, these can be rented to have another way to view this parks scenery.

Kids with Baba

On the boat with Captain Dave

A turtle drying on a log and a snake bird coming up next to it.

A view from the bottom of the boat to one of the springs feeding these head waters and some of the fish here,  Amazingly clear water.

An Ahinga drying it's wings

After our boat tour we walked around the parks paths.

Kevin and I with the girls (think they were a bit tired of smiling ), Cameron's upper right and Mom, Bill and Frankie lower right picture.  This was on the trails around the park.

Before it was time to leave we made a quick stop for some ice cream to refresh ourselves after that walk.  It was a nice treat before it was time to get back into the van and head for home.  Loved this park and will have to stop back again.

Fun day out with great company to share it with.  Ended our day with Grandma and Poppie joining us for dinner.  Need to get some rest to prepare for another day of exploring together.

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