Monday, April 28, 2014

Tea Time Wedding Shower

The girls ballet teacher and our pastors daughter Katie-Beth will be getting married in June, so some friends of hers wanted to have a wedding shower.  With her love of Jane Austin's, Pride and Prejudice and the Bronte sisters writings an afternoon tea was appropriate as a theme for this party.

I was asked to make cucumber tea sandwiches and strawberry ones as well.  Have to admit I wasn't too thrilled with the assignment as they sounded dull and bland.  So I began to check out sites that showed how to make tea sandwiches to be sure I did them right and how to give them flavor.

I decided to use a strawberry flavored cream cheese and make them look as fancy as possible for all over appeal.  This was the process and result:

The cucumber sandwiches were made with garlic and chive cream cheese and cut in fourths for max number and appearance when serving.

Finally, I wanted something that had some real flavor and substance, while looking cute.  So I found this recipe for Chicken Salad Wonton Cups and made them to add to my presentation and collection.  They were surprisingly easy to make and really delicious.  Just click on the name and you can download the recipe from their site.  Here was my process and results:

Here's how they all looked together:

With all the preparations done, I packed everything up and headed over to join the other ladies for a nice afternoon of talk, shower games, presents and of course FOOD!!!!   It was a really nice tea for all, especially Katie-Beth who got some really lovely things to start out her married life with.

FUN day, good food and great company!!

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