Sunday, May 25, 2014

Unexpected Project

Cameron called Kevin the other night from his shed room saying his front window was cracking.  When Kevin walked out to see he could hear the tempered glass as it shattered.  Being tempered glass it remained in place, but was a total loss.  Nothing had struck or damaged it that could be seen, so there must have been a weak point that for some reason suddenly gave way and this is what was left of the window in his door.

The shattered glass that we taped plastic over until we could get the new panes and have the time to replace.

They added layers of duct tape prior to pushing out the pieces of glass.

We bought two panes of Plexiglas from Lowe's that we had cut to size, since the tempered glass was 1/4 inch thick and it took two of the thinner Plexiglas pieces to equal this we bought one that was tinted to help with the light and heat and the second was clear.  Once they removed all the MANY shards of glass and cleaned off all the old silicone seal, new silicone was applied and then the new panes were ready to go in.

Once, this was done the interior and exterior panels to hold the glass in were put on and tightened down carefully.  And TA DA, new window!!  Not a planned project, but think this will help with the heat and sun and is more durable than the glass was.  So glad to have handy guys who can take care of these unexpected projects.

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