Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wedding Barrettes

Katie Beth (back/right) with girls after their recital.

The girls ballet teacher Katie Beth is getting married next month and like so many others I volunteered to help with some of the preparations for her big day.  I've joined with other women at her families home for a craft night  to make some of the receptions decorations, but most of my activities have been done on my own.

The first of these I'll show in this post are the decorated barrettes she wants to put in the back of her hair once her veil is off at the reception.  She had already purchased the clips and fabric flowers, so I simply put the pieces together to fashion her barrettes for her.

The basic pieces were the two clips, fabric flowers and I cut a piece of white felt a bit wider than the clips and the length of them.  I then sewed the flowers to these pieces of felt in preparation for attaching them to the clips themselves.

Pieces for barrette on left, sewed to felt piece center, and ready for hot gluing on right.

Then the felt was hot glued to the clips themselves and finally I added a few stitches from the edges of the felt under the upper part of the clip to be sure the flower and felt piece would remain securely attached to the clips.

Katie Beth picked these up yesterday along with the veil she was taking to her dress fitting.  I'll post on the veil later.  I may be adding a few extra details to that after she tries it with her dress.  We also are helping to prepare the canopies that will be used at the reception hall for her dance area.  It's a HUGE facility with no place to hang decorations off the massive ceiling so to create a dance space and a feeling of romance and intimacy, we've come up with the idea to use tent like canopies to decorate and define the space.  So I'll be actively working on these the next few days.

Stay tuned as I post my crafting activities, and the results of each.  After the wedding in June I'll post how these all worked out for this special occasion.

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