Saturday, May 10, 2014

Something for Everyone

On our way to Silver Springs State Park while my family was visiting we spotted a truly unique market on a corner a few miles before arriving at the state park.  So on our return trip we just had to stop.  This place truly set itself apart by it's wide array of unique art pieces, many leaving you with the sense of "what were they thinking?". Yet here they were and all for sale.

You had giants of all sorts:
Hannah and Lauren under their giraffe

Everyone needs a giant pink rooster, right?

Atlas, and the knight on the horse we had seen one like this at the end of a driveway up the road, so we knew people actually bought these things!!

Of course your own personal Godzilla is a must

Dad, taking it all in.

You had loads of pots, plant holders, wall art and chachkies galore:

Every imaginable figurine or wall plaque could surely be found if you looked long and hard enough.

Pots, hanging art, wall pieces, stuff to attach to other things - you name it, and it's here.

Giant flamingo anyone?  Actually we thought we might take a photo and text Aunt Jen to say we found something perfect for your Florida yard - what do you think? : )

And just a few more colorful flamingos

We walked through isle after isle of stuff.  My pictures are really only a small sample of the wide variety they made and carried on site.

Finally, after our tour of this market, as we headed back to the van I spotted something I really liked.  This gazebo reminded me of the one we had in California when we first bought it, before the wisteria vines took over and covered the piece.  Hmmm, something to think about for our new place?

So there you have it, a place where there truly is something for everyone.  

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