Thursday, May 29, 2014

Recent Happenings

This past weekend was Memorial Day and as part of our observance we put up our flag as did our neighbors across the street. Took the above photo looking through our trees out front.

The squash, tomato, lemon grass, cucumber and papaya are liking this planting bed
Though we usually stay home rather than being out and about like so many others do on this 3 day weekend, we are generally busy with projects and taking some time to enjoy the lives that the sacrifices of those who serve our country allow us to have.  This included working in my side garden.  I've shown pictures of the tower and VGS systems and all their progress, but this is how my raised beds are coming along.

Took some closeups of the squash flowers and pea flowers.  Amazing how beautiful these produce bearing plants are in bloom.

This pea blossom includes some aphids that I blasted with the hose after taking the picture

Love the detail in the fringy edges

Had a little Marsh Rabbit stop by to munch on our lawn, before disappearing back into the trees.

Several plants that like heat are blooming and two of the examples of these are our large Sago Palm and the variegated Canna out front.

The second bud here bloomed the following day - pretty

Curious lizard watching me

Finally, we took advantage of the warm weather to cool off in the pool.  Kevin and the girls lounged in there until they were all quite pruny.

Hannah in signature purple with matching pool noodle : )

Lauren's quite proud that she can go under water and hold her breath

Kevin's created his own pool chair with the noodles

Life is good and we are blessed.

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