Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shed Redo Begins

The real work on Cameron's room has begun as preliminary work to change the 12' X 20' shed into Cameron's studio apartment style room. The hard work started yesterday in earnest after purchases were made this past weekend on supplies that will be needed on this project.  To begin the concrete needed to be broken up to access the sewer line for adding on the necessary piping from his room.  At the same time Patrick added the pex water lines for the various water lines needed.

Cameron installing electric boxes

Breaking up the cement to access the sewer pipe

Kevin changed out the old electric box in the well area to a new one that will accommodate the needs for the well, water softener and Cameron's room.

Kevin preparing the electric box

After finishing their school work the girls, Jennifer and I headed over to Green Springs Park to walk and let them play on the park equipment.  It was a gorgeous day with the temperatures being really comfortable and the skies blue and clear.

Green Spring

Jennifer and girls on bike and walking trail

Today the guys trenched for electric lines, added electric boxes and prepared the holes for running the wiring.  They also put in insulation and began to put up the furring strips for nailing the drywall to.  In the meantime I worked on adding the plants I'd purchased and mulch to the front yard and Jennifer took the girls out to another park then back to their home to watch a movie.  This evening when she stopped back to bring the girls home and get Patrick who'd put in a FULL and BUSY day helping us, the girls had to show off their improving bike skills.

Insulation in and pex water lines in corner the shower will be in
Jennifer with Patrick after bringing the girls back

The girls in their bikes and some of my new plants in.

I've used my new camera to take photos and am getting used to it.  I can see far more clarity in the photos and am pleased with this new toy : )

More to come - Lynda

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