Thursday, May 16, 2013

Major Milestone

Yesterday was the official day of Kevin's retirement from Metropolitan Water District!!!   Though he left being there a couple of months ago, he was still on the books as his vacation time that had accrued was being used up.  So the day was finally reached when it was official and he moved onto the rolls of MWD's retired colleagues. 
To celebrate Patrick and Jennifer wanted to take us to a restaurant they had told us about several times.  It's called Raglan Road and is located at Downtown Disney.  The setting is that of an Irish Pub with much of the interior fixtures actually being brought over from their original pub settings in Ireland.

Patrick and Jennifer our hosts

Kevin and I - willing recipients : )

The food was absolutely delicious and we were entertained by the Irish Dancing that's scheduled at various times there.

After our meal and the dancing what a better way to finish up than with an incredible dessert of bread pudding.  Despite being full from dinner this was a treat that you just had to make room for!!  Amazing!

Once dinner was over we headed to Disney's Hollywood Studios to walk off our dinners and wait for  the light and water show Fantasmic.  We had seen this in California, but there it's not in it's own stage area or nearly so elaborate as they are able to do it in the amphitheatre they've created here.  Really impressive with the pictures projected on sheets of water, the lights, lazors, pyrotechnics, music, sounds and the whole array of effects designed to bring out the oohs and ahhs of the crowd.  Very enjoyable.

The effects of this show from Disney's site.  It was too dark and fast paced for me to capture adequately.  Very impressive with all the special effects to capture your attention!!

Some of the water displays

So after our productive day of projects being done in the morning and then this wonderful outing with Pat and Jen it was time to head home and get some rest as Kevin moves on to the next mile marker on this journey of life.  Just as it is when you travel in the natural we know that there will be a lot to see and experience along the way.  Looking forward to what lays ahead.



  1. Lynda I wish I could have watched fantasmic with you! That looks simply amazing and I am a disney lover! Congrats on the retirement and your home!


    1. Thanks Nico,
      It was a really well done show and you can tell from this and past posts we love Disney too : )